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About the Owner

FancyFur only grooms two and sometime 3 dogs a day so that your dog gets groomed in a slower relaxing environment. Extra care and attention is a result of keeping the number of dogs per day to a minimum. FancyFur pays attention to detail and thoroughly checks all of your dog's body for any lumps, leisions, or anything that may be of a concern so that you can follow up with your vet if needed.

FancyFur has been grooming dogs in Tampa since 2013. I drive my truck to your home pulling a 6 X 10 enclosed cargo trailer that has been converted to a full grooming salon for your dogs needs and to get your dog looking his or her best.

About FancyFur

Hi, my name is Michelle. I was born and raised in Tampa Florida. I'm the owner and groomer for FancyFur. I graduated from Tampa Bay Grooming Acadamy in 11/08/2013. I have been around dogs all my life and I could not imagine going throughout life without a dog by my side. I really love grooming dogs. Being self employed and doing something I love is one of the best things I have ever done with my life. I pay attention to detail and do all I can for your dog to recieve the proper care needed.

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